Eat Like an Italian: La Nonna’s Thanksgiving Stuffing

Above: La Nonna’s Italian Thanksgiving Stuffing by Sicilian-American food blogger Aggie.

As we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday, we were reminded of a wonderful recipe we came across a few years ago, Italian-style stuffing by Sicilian-American blogger Aggie (left).

As Aggie writes in her post for her Nonna’s Thanksgiving stuffing, “with my family being from Sicily, Thanksgiving wasn’t really a big holiday for us. We celebrated it, but I wouldn’t say it was as traditional as most families I knew. We had the turkey, but up until probably high school, we would eat Manicotti or a big plate of Ziti before the turkey even hit the table. I never even knew what Green Bean Casserole was until I was in college. Sweet Potato Casserole? I think I first had that when I was engaged to my husband. This stuffing is not very traditional, but I love it and look forward to it every year.”

We love the recipe, too, and we love how Thanksgiving brings us all together around a convivial table — no matter where we’re from or our origins.

Click here for Aggie’s awesome recipe.

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