Eat Like an Italian: Bistecca Fiorentina

Most people don’t think about steak when it comes to Italian gastronomy.

In fact, the famous bistecca fiorentina — Florentine beefsteak — is one Italy’s most celebrated dishes.

The cut of beef is the same as the U.S. porterhouse. The difference is that the “T-bone” of the fiorentina is always charred standing upright and then quickly grilled at high temperature on both sides — served religiously al sangue (bloody).

The only dressings used (if any) are extra-virgin olive oil and sea salt.

While huge Chianina breed cows are used in Tuscany and throughout Italy to make these over-sized T-bone cuts, nearly any breed of cow can be used (and you can simply ask for a porterhouse at your local butcher).

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