Eat like an Italian: The Truth about Pizza and Wine

Everybody’s talking about pizza and wine, wine and pizza, pizza and pizza today…

In part because Eric Asimov wrote about pairing wine with pizza in his column in today’s New York Times.

In part because nearly the entire Dining Section of the Times is devoted to pizza today: toppings for pizza, recipes for pizza dough, and of course pairings for pizza.

Eric notes in his article that “Italians themselves prefer to drink beer with pizza.”

And indeed, despite what anyone tells you, Italians generally pair either beer or Coca Cola with their pizza. In fact, many would find it strange to pair wine with pizza.

There are many reasons for this but the main and historic reason is that authentic pizza must be served piping hot. And as a result, you need something chilled with pizza. The intense temperature overwhelms the flavors and aromas of wines — or so the conventional wisdom goes.

Italians still prefer beer or Coke with their pizza. But that’s changing as well.

A new breed of pizzaioli has emerged and they are straying from the traditional toppings.

And while artisanal beer seems to be the pairing of choice these days in Rome, for example, more and more pizzerias are offering a sophisticated wine list to their patrons.

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