Mazzoni Bianco di Toscana is here!

With the arrival of the Mazzoni Bianco di Toscana — a Tuscan white wine — the family of Mazzoni wines is now complete.

From the Mazzoni Pinot Grigio to the Super Tuscan Toscana Rosso and the Piemonte Barbera, the Mazzoni family of wines has a wine for every palate and for every meal.

While many wine lovers will reach for the Mazzoni Pinot Grigio as an aperitivo white, to pair with appetizers and light first courses, they will surely reserve the Mazzoni Bianco di Toscana for dishes with more intense flavors and nuanced character.

The wine is blend of two white varieties: Vermentino, the classic white grape of Tuscany; and Chardonnay, the noble “international” grape variety that has captivated the attention of wine wine connoisseurs for the last three decades in the U.S.

The Vermentino (about 75%) gives the wine its unmistakable Tuscan flavor: think sage and sea, bright fresh fruit and crisp refreshing aromas.

The addition of smaller amounts of Chardonnay (about 25% in the current debut vintage) provides the acidity and depth that makes the wine an ideal pairing for seafood first and second courses, like pasta tossed with seafood or whole grilled orata, the famous Mediterranean sea bass that you find in Tuscany’s coastline restaurants.

The Live Like an Italian blog is thrilled to announce the arrival of Mazzoni Bianco di Toscana, the latest release from the historic partnership between two of the wine world’s greatest families — the Franceschi family in Montalcino and the Terlato family in the U.S.

(Click here to read about the two families’ relationship, now spanning two generations.)

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