Italian musical great Jovanotti makes an American crossover

Ever heard of Jovanotti? Well, keep your ears open because he is making a grand attempt at an American crossover.

Jovanotti (real name Lorenzo Cherubini) is an mega-star in Italy. He’s been on the scene since the late 80s. His music started out as fun, ebullient rapping, but very quickly evolved into songs with a socio-politcal conscience.

His most famous song, l’Ombelico del Mondo, is a true party anthem that is still faithfully played in discoteche all over Europe.

A few years ago, Jovanotti put up shop in New York to begin winning Americans over, one small venue at a time. In October, he kicked off a domestic tour that included club dates along the east coast, an Austin CIty Limits gig, as well as a date in LA and some smattered across the midwest.

He has been in the hearts of Italians the fabric of their culture for decades and whether you know him now or not, he is soon to become a household name in the USA as well.

His most recent release is Italia 1988-2012. Check it out!

Image via Wikimedia Commons.

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