Solidarity for a Montalcino producer and Mazzoni neighbor

gianfranco soldera brunelloThe world of Italian wine is reeling today from the news that on Sunday night, vandals destroyed six vintages of one of Montalcino’s most famous wines, Soldera.

That’s Gianfranco Soldera, left, in a photo taken in a happier moment (image via

This morning, winemakers Alessandro and Fabrizio Bindocci (son and father), producers of the Mazzoni wines, posted the following note of solidarity on their blog, Montalcino Report:

Yesterday we have learned about an act of vandalism that took place at the Azienda Case Basse of Gianfranco Soldera, where, during the night before, unknown individuals had emptied the casks where his Brunello di Montalcino was aging. And we have had the confirmation from Soldera himself after we contacted him by telephone.

As friends and colleague producers of Montalcino, we are sending our solidarity to Gianfranco Soldera and we are saddened by the fact that something like this can happen.

The territory of Montalcino is a small and tranquil territory where many people still leave their doors of their homes unlocked. To find out about these sad events is shocking and it brings forth the spirit of solidarity that distinguishes the producers of Montalcino. They have never hesitated to step forward when there is need. And, again, this time, they will show their spirit of solidarity toward those who have been harshly injured.

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