Thoughts and prayers for the Missoni family

Vittorio Missoni, the son and marketing director of the iconic family-run Italian fashion house Missoni is still missing after the disappearance of the plane he was traveling on off of the coast of Venezuela.

Vittorio and his wife, plus two friends and two crew members disappeared on January 4.

The family believes that the passengers and crew may have been kidnapped. There has been no debris field discovered and over the last 15 years, more than 57 small airplanes have disappeared from Las Roques. The incidents have all been tied to Colombian drug-running.

However, the area of the disappearance, just 11 miles from Las Roques, has a depth of over 2,000 meters. This can make it difficult to impossible to recover crash remnants, explaining why no evidence has been found yet. The search crews are awaiting special deep-sea equipment better adapted to this type of mission.

The Venezuelan government maintains that the plane crashed and they are continuing the search under this assumption.

missoni rug

Above: A classic Missoni design (image via A Textile a Day).

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