Italy is for lovers… buon giorno di San Valentino a tutti!

ponte milvio rome locks

There’s an ancient bridge in Rome that spans the Tiber river called the Ponte Milvio.

A few years ago, young lovers began to attach locks to the lamp posts of the bridge: they’d engrave their names and their declarations of eternal love on the little locks, attach them to the lamp posts, and then toss the key into the water below.

At a certain point, the weight of the locks became so heavy that the lamp post broke and fell into the river!

When the mayor of Rome heard of this, what did he do? Did he send the police to prevent the young lovers from sealing their devotion to one another? Did he block access to the bridge to stop them?

No, he had city engineers install poles on the bridge especially so that the young people could continue to attach their declarations of love.

Italy is for lovers: it’s a country where love and passion are held in high regard, a nation where affection and expressions of desire are considered noble and commendable.

Buon giorno di San Valentino a tutti! Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Image via Wikipedia.

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