Meet Mazzoni winemaker Alessandro Bindocci in Seattle April 30 & May 1

via tribunali

One of the hottest tables in the United States today, Via Tribunali is named after one of the oldest streets in the historic center of Naples, Italy.

“We opened our first pizzeria in 2004,” write the owners on their website, “in the burgeoning Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. For months before we opened curious onlookers poked their heads in the former auto body shop, and outlandish rumors spread quickly throughout Seattle. One person saw a team of masons reportedly flown in from Naples to build a gargantuan wood-fired oven, someone heard that the bricks also came from Naples rich with Vesuvian ash, a reporter ran a story about a taxi driver leading our owner down a dark Neapolitan street to meet a talented pizzaiolo who was then whisked to an airport… As it turns out almost all of the tall tales are true.”

Today, the pizza at Via Tribunali (see photo above) is considered to be among the most authentic verace pizza napoletana in America.

We are proud to announce that Mazzoni winemaker Alessandro Bindocci, of the Tenuta Il Poggione (Montalcino, Tuscany) will be honored at two events to be held at the restaurant’s Capitol Hill (Seattle) location Tuesday April 30 and Georgetown (Seattle) location on Wednesday May 1.

Please email general manager Travis to reserve for the Tuesday event in Capitol Hill.

Or please email general manager Faith to reserve for the Wednesday event in Georgetown.

Both events include a five-course dinner and tasting of six wines with Alessandro.

Space is limited. $58 per person.

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