@OddBacchus on Mazzoni Barbera by @BrunelloMaker

rob frisch alessandro bindocci

Above: Rob Frisch, author of a leading wine blog called Odd Bacchus, had dinner with Mazzoni winemaker Alessandro Bindocci a few weeks ago in Chicago.

“If you discover that wine from a certain nearby region is generally not to your liking, you can take a number of courses of action,” writes wine and lifestyle journalist Rob Frisch. “A normal oenophile would probably just drink wine from another region. A more obsessive/compulsive oenophile might doggedly keep trying wines from that region until she found one that agreed with her palate. But these solutions, in the end, are for amateurs.”

“If you’re a professional, like Alessandro Bindocci, you go to that region, rent a vineyard, and make the wine yourself.”

He’s talking about Mazzoni Barbera, a wine that seemed to impress Rob as much for its bold flavors and bright acidity as for the story behind it.

Click here for Rob’s post…

Wall Street Journal wine editor Lettie Teague recently called Rob’s blog Odd Bacchus one of five blogs she “really clicks with.”

We were thrilled to see Mazzoni winemaker Alessandro had a chance to sit down over dinner with one of the leading wine bloggers in the U.S. today!

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