Benito’s Wine Reviews tastes Mazzoni whites

mazzoni pinot grigio

How does it feel to have the wine writer Wall Street Journal tell the world that she read your blog regularly?

That’s exactly what happened to Memphis-based wine blogger Ben Carter when the journal’s wine editor Lettie Teague — one of the top wine writers in the world — wrote that Ben’s Benito’s Wine Reviews was one of five blogs that she “really clicked with.”

Ben recently tasted Mazzoni Bianco di Toscana and Mazzoni Pinot Grigio.

Here are his tasting notes:

2011 Mazzoni Pinot Grigio
100% Pinot Grigio

Ripe apricot aromas and flavors dominate with a big, round body. This is not one of your watery, weak Pinot Grigio bottles, but rather a fairly substantial white wine with good acidity. I found it to work well with the clam chowder, and it held up well with the black pepper and hot sauce.

2011 Mazzoni Bianco di Toscana
90% 75% Vermentino, 10% 25% Chardonnay

This was a more gentle wine with a light peach profile, slightly musky undertones, and a bright acidic finish. Just a little touch of minerals underneath provided some well-enjoyed depth, and overall it had the right balance of characteristics to go well with the lobster tail.

Click here for the rest of his review and his pairings.

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