Seafood: it’s what’s for dinner in Tuscany (what?)

gambero rosso

Above: Some of Italy’s best seafood is found along the Tuscan coast. That’s one of the reasons that Mazzoni winemaker Alessandro Bindocci created his Vermentino-Chardonnay blend.

When most Americans think of Tuscany and its wonderful food, they think of rich red wines paired with liver pâté crostini, wild boar ragù over pici (long, handmade noodles), and the famous bistecca fiorentina, the hearty “Florentine steak,” the porter-house of Italy.

But what so many of us don’t realize is that Tuscany is also home to some of the greatest seafood and fish restaurants in all of Europe.

After all, the entire western border of Tuscany lies on the Mediterranean sea and the region is also home to one of the most important ports of southern Europe, the city of Livorno.

All along the Tuscan coast, you’ll find wonderful little towns and villages, each with their favorite seafood spot.

Like many Tuscans who live inland, Mazzoni winemaker Alessandro Bindocci takes his summer vacation on the Tuscan seaside.

“It’s actually just forty minutes from my house,” he says. “So many people don’t realize how important the sea and the beach are to our lives here.”

His love of the Tuscan riviera and his passion for its seafood led Alessandro to create his Mazzoni Vermentino-Chardonnay blend, made from grapes grown in the hills along the coast.

“The sea breeze helps to keep the grapes cool and ventilated during the summer,” he explains, “and that’s what makes our Vermentino-Chardonnay such a wonderfully fresh white wine — ideal with Tuscan seafood.”

“Vermentino is a native grape of Tuscany, known for its bright crispness,” he says with obvious Tuscan pride. “And we add the Chardonnay, one of the world’s greatest white grapes, to give the wine more structure. It’s a wine that we love to drink at home and at the beach during the summer.”

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