The Barbera-ites are coming!

barbera grape

We loved Wall Street Journal wine writer Lettie Teague’s column last month, “Bet on Barbera, What the Winemakers Drink.”

In her piece, she describes the new “Barbera-ite” movement of winemakers and sommeliers who love Barbera’s versatility and food-friendliness.

“One of my top candidates for a starring turn,” she writes, “would be Barbera, a red grape of Italy’s Piedmont region. It’s the most widely planted red grape of the district, though not its best known (that would be Nebbiolo, the grape of the famed wines Barolo and Barbaresco).”

When Tenuta Il Poggione winemaker Alessandro Bindocci first set about making an un-oaked, acidity-driven, food-friendly Barbera d’Asti a few years ago, it was a choice borne out of his own personal love of the grape.

But it would seem that he wasn’t the only one who saw such a bright future for Barbera, which, until recently, was relatively unknown outside of Italy.

Click here for Lettie’s article and stay tuned: the Barbera-ites are coming!

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