Mazzoni Pinot Grigio by-the-glass at top Dallas steakhouse @NickSamsSteak

nick and sams steakhouse dallas

Above: One of the things that sets Nick and Sam’s Steakhouse apart from the rest of the Dallas steakhouse crowd, says wine director Justin Sherin, is the restaurant’s superb Japanese menu (image via Nick and Sam’s Facebook).

Let’s just cut to the chase.

Nick and Sam’s steakhouse isn’t just any ordinary steakhouse. And it stands apart from the crowd in what many consider to be the steakhouse capital of the U.S., Dallas-Fort Worth.

Here’s what Dallas Morning News restaurant critic Leslie Brenner (formerly of the Los Angeles Times) had to say about Nick and Sam’s, one of her “top Dallas-Fort Worth steakhouses”:

“When it comes to all-out, decadent, no-holds-barred meat-eating indulgence and fun, Nick and Sam’s is the place to be. The place feels like a party, even on a Monday night. At most steakhouses you don’t even get a tiny amuse; here you get a full presentation of caviar, toast points, hard-cooked egg whites and sieved yolks, lemon, chopped red onion, chives. Starters include terrific North Atlantic oysters on the half shell and an impressive whole-leaf Caesar… After I spent half a year slicing into rib-eyes and prodding baked potatoes, Nick and Sam’s was my best all-around steakhouse experience.”

When we found out that Nick and Sam’s was featuring Mazzoni Pinot Grigio by the glass, we contacted wine director Justin Shearin to ask him for his thoughts on the wine.

justin shearin

Above: Nick and Sam’s wine director Justin Shears (image courtesy Nick and Sam’s).

“We have a deep list, with a strong focus on reds,” like most steakhouses, said Justin. “But because of our owner’s interest in Asian cuisine, we also have a really interesting selection of whites as well.”

“The Mazzoni Pinot Grigio is a unique wine from a classic old world family [the Tenuta Il Poggione in Montalcino] and a new world family [the Terlatos]. It has a really creamy texture and is more full bodied than most Pinot Grigios and it has beautiful acidity. It’s been a favorite since we first put it on the list and we just fly through it.”

A Dallas native, Justin joined the Nick and Sam’s team as wine director two years ago but he’s been working in the Dallas-Ft. Worth wine and food scene for more than a decade.

Like many wine professionals today, he started out as a server and then caught the wine bug.

“I started studying wine after a few years in the business,” he said, “and it just snow-balled from there.”

Today, he runs the Nick and Sam’s beverage program, including more than 600 wines and an extensive sake list — another component that makes this steakhouse stand apart from the rest.

“Creative appetizers and creative sides, and, of course, our owner’s interest in Asian cuisine, are what makes the restaurant so unique,” he told us.

Nick & Sam’s
3008 Maple Ave
Dallas, TX 75201
Google map

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