Mazzoni in Eugene, Oregon, one of the hippest food & wine cities in America

belly eugene wine list

Here’s what Mark Bittman, food critic for the New York Times, had to say about Belly in Eugene, Oregon a few years ago: “Belly, a popular new Eugene restaurant run by a lovely young couple doing honest, straightforward food and doing it well.”

Ever since Brendan Mahaney opened the restaurant in 2009, he’s been racking up the praise from the local and national media. It’s just one of those places that hits the mark on every level: great, wholesome food, prepared thoughtfully.

It’s no small accomplishment in a part of the country where great restaurants and fantastic wines abound. Indeed, many consider Eugene and Portland to be among America’s most hip food and wine cities.

Here’s how he describes his cooking on his website: “Rustic, European Farmhouse Soul Food.”

Belly current serves Mazzoni Vermentino-Chardonnay by the glass. It’s a great list and we’re proud to be part of it.

We highly recommend it.

Belly Restaurant
30 E Broadway
Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 683-5896
Google map

Image via the Belly website.

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