How do you say “enjoy the game” in Italian? #WorldCup


More than once on the Live Like an Italian blog, we’ve posted about some of our favorite Italian saying and how to wish someone, for example, a good weekend (buon weekend!).

In the spirit of Italian football (otherwise known as soccer in the U.S.), we wanted to do a post on how to say enjoy the game.

If someone is going to watch the game on television (or other streaming device), you say: buona visione (BOO’oh-nah vee-ZEE’OH-neh). It’s the same thing you would say to someone about to watch a film or a television show.

If someone is going to the stadium to see the game, you can say: buona partita (BOO’oh-nah pahr-TEE-tah), meaning literally [have a] good game (even though that person isn’t playing in the game but is just a spectator).

You could also say, goditi la partita (GOH-dee-tee lah pahr-TEE-tah), literally, enjoy the game.

Below you’ll find some other common sayings we’ve posted in the past.

Buona Coppa Mondiale! Enjoy the World Cup!

Here’s a list of simple Italian sayings that can really come in handy, especially when you’re trying to say have a great weekend!


Buon lavoro = may your work be fruitful.
Buona lettura = enjoy your reading.
Buona lezione = may the lecture/class be fruitful.
Buon seminario = may the seminar/class be fruitful.
Buono studio = may your study be fruitful.


Buon appetito = enjoy your food.
Buon ascolto = enjoy the music [listening].
Buona degustazione = enjoy the tasting.
Buona spaghettata = enjoy your spaghetti [pasta].
Buona visione = enjoy the movie.


Buona continuazione = enjoy the rest of your day/activity.
Buona domenica = enjoy your day of rest [the day of the Lord].
Buone feste = happy holidays.
Buon fine settimana [buon weekend] = have a great weekend.
Buona permanenza = enjoy your stay.
Buon proseguimento = enjoy the rest of your stay/activity.
Buone vacanze = enjoy your vacation.
Buon viaggio = have a safe trip.
Buon volo = have a safe flight.
Buon weekend [buon fine settimana] = have a great weekend.


Buona guarigione = I wish you a speedy recovery.
Buon riposo = sleep well [get well soon].


Buona giornata = have a great day.
Buon giorno = good day [greetings].
Buona notte = good night [good-bye].
Buon pomeriggio = good afternoon [greetings].
Buona sera = good evening [greetings].
Buona serata = have a great evening.

Which ones are we missing? Please feel free to add others in the comment section…

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