Siena museums: online resources

best museum siena italy

If you’re not already there, so many of you are on your way to Italy for summer vacation.

For those of you heading to the Siena wine country (where Mazzoni wines are made), we wanted to share a couple of online resources for museums in Siena proper and surroundings.

That’s a photo above, btw, of Siena’s famous Piazza del Campo in the town’s historic center.

The first link we’d like to share comes from “About Siena, Your Tourist Guide to Siena.” It’s a no-frills site packed with useful information. And although the English translation is not always the best, it does the trick.

Click here for the page with museum listings.

The second link comes from a site called “Musei Senesi” (Museums in Siena). It’s a little harder to navigate than the first and the English version is pretty spotty.

But it does include this page with listings of some of the small-town museums in the villages of the province of Siena.

Those little museums can be very rewarding, in part because of the travel through the countryside to reach them and in part because of their picturesque settings in medieval hilltop hamlets.

Italy is so rich in cultural heritage and Siena and its surroundings can be counted among the country’s gems.


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