Dress like an Italian man: accessorize with a scarf

handsome italian man

Above: Men’s fashion in Italy.

The fall has officially arrived and with it comes one of our favorite times of the year, here at Live Like an Italian: time to accessorize with scarves!

In other era, social convention dictated that men — in Italy and the U.S. — had to wear a tie to work every day.

Those days are over and most businesses in America and Italy no longer require a necktie in the workplace.

In our view, that’s a bummer because WE LOVE TIES (stay tuned for another post on ties soon).

The good news is that scarves are the new ties: they allow men to make a fashion statement by adding color to their daily ensemble.

Of course, in Italy, scarves have always been in fashion, partly because Italians hate cold air and they always concerned about drafts and their perceived health effects.

In fact, Italian men often wear their scarves indoors as well!

So this fall, as you gear up for work or school or whatever, add some colorful scarves to your wardrobe and accessorize like an Italian man!

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