Drink Like an Italian: An Italian Thanksgiving

The holidays are here, which only means one thing: there’s lots of food and wine in our future. Between the grocery shopping, turkey prepping, and table setting, Thanksgiving can become a stressful time for everyone.


Image via Shutterstock

Luckily, Italians never seem to be stressed around the holidays. That’s because they live by the simple mantra, “No food without wine and no wine without food.” As long as there’s food and wine, it’s a party!

Italians also know the value of the world’s most food-friendly grape: Barbera. Although many Americans have never heard of it, Barbera is one of the most-loved red varietals in Italy. The grape is a popular pairing with a variety of meals, and can be found on many an Italian dinner table.

So when it comes to the holidays, it’s no wonder Italians opt for Barbera. With a balance of gentle, smooth tannin and freshness of flavor, the wine is a great choice for big potluck dinners where there’s a never-ending assortment of flavors available. Barbera can be consumed throughout a holiday meal, no matter what the relatives have served.

Barbera: the world's most food-friendly grape

Barbera: the world’s most food-friendly grape (Image via Shutterstock)

So whether you’re hosting your own Thanksgiving, you’re headed to a big family celebration, or you’re throwing a “Friendsgiving,” do like the Italians do: surround yourself with those you love, share a great meal with a few glasses of wine, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

Whip up a few of these Italian-inspired Thanksgiving recipes, and pick up a  few bottles of Barbera on your way to Papa and Nonna’s house. Salute!

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