How Many Italian Christmas Songs Do You Recognize?

Are you ready for the holidays yet? We’ve had so much fun preparing for the festivities right along with you – we’ve taken you on a tour of some of the best European-style Christmas markets in the U.S., we’ve cooked up a holiday meal, and we’ve shared how to celebrate the holidays like an Italian.

In the whirlwind of shopping, cooking, and wrapping, sometimes it’s hard to slow down and enjoy the holidays. So this week, we’re encouraging you to sit down, relax, and enjoy the company of those around you.22


In Italy, relaxation time often involves music (and wine, of course!), so this week we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Italian Christmas songs to accompany your holiday parties. Take a listen and sing along!

The Familiar

As it so happens, Italians are singing some of the same Christmas carols as Americans! The words might sound a little different, but you might just recognize a song or two…

Astro del Ciel

Jingle Bells

Bianco Natale

The Not-So-Familiar

We don’t often hear these other beautiful songs in the United States, but they can be heard all throughout Italy during the holiday season. They’re worth adding to your carol repertoire, and maybe you’ll even learn a little Italian along the way!

Gesu Bambino

Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle

Dormi Dormi Bel Bambin

Buon Natale tutti! Do you have a favorite carol? Did we miss any Italian Christmas songs? Share with us in the comments, or click the links below for more Italian cultural knowledge:

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